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Property Management & Leasing

The Sanders Trust enjoys the role of a “hands on” property owner and views tenants, physicians and hospitals as partners. TST endeavors to align the interests of all of these providers as a means of accomplishing a successful business model for all.

Layers of management have been eliminated so that tenants, physicians and hospitals alike benefit from the direct, one on one communication with anyone on The Sanders Trust team. This approach allows for extremely quick responses and resolutions to issues. The Sanders Trust views each property as unique. Instead of following a “cookie cutter” approach to leasing and ownership, the company prefers to approach individual transactions and needs with flexibility.

This philosophy accommodates the array of diverse dynamics that tenants and hospitals may be challenged with at any given time. Communication is vital to any business, and The Sanders Trust has found that, for some locations, enlisting local specialists with superb knowledge of that market can be beneficial.

Property Management and Leasing

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