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TST can provide a full platform of turn-key development services with our partners and consultants ranging from financing, site selection, due diligence, land entitlement, architect and contractor selection, programming, design, project management, and project close-out.

Strategic Planning Phase:

TST will work with our strategic partners to identify a project’s objectives and access market needs based on our client’s vision, mission and market position.

Programming Phase:

TST will work with our partners to finalize the building program, size, location and budget. TST will engage an architect to begin the programming phase with the selected Tenant team to optimize space planning, employee efficiency and tenant satisfaction.

Design Phase:

During the design phase, site due diligence with respect to identified economic incentives, entitlement and abatements will be completed. The selected architect will work with the end-user to develop Schematic, Design Development and Construction Document level drawings.


Constuction Management Phase:

Our development team will identify key metrics with the project’s architects, engineers, consultants, and end-users to identify and measure a quality project. Safety, Cleanliness (Quality), Open Communication and LEAN practices (“real time” scheduling) are key factors for our construction team.


TST can provide different levels of project close-out based on the facility type. Different facility types can require varying levels of building commissioning along with move management. Project close-out entails the successful transfer of documents and warranties, staff training and post-occupancy audits.

Recent Development Projects:

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